JPM Exports uses a state-of-the art production facility to provide our customers with high quality garments. All our machines are of Juki, Brother, Pegasus, Kansai and AMF Reece, leading machine suppliers in the world. Our entire production process has been designed to ensure end-to-end traceability of every garment produced.

JPM has a stellar reputation among all its customers for its premium quality products and for maintaining high standards without compromise. JPM Exports is currently a 5 sigma company (defects less than 0.05%) and aspires to become a 6 sigma certified company.

At JPM, we believe that the onus of ensuring high quality lies with every department involved in the manufacturing process. Additionally, we have a highly proficient and experienced final quality control team from Philippines that ensures the quality of our finished goods. Reliable vendor partners, with whom we have long term relationships, play a vital role in helping us move closer to a 6 sigma certification.

We have a Unique Traceability System (UTS®) in which we put a Unique Identification Number (UIN) on every piece of work wear produced. UIN helps us trace back to the:

  • Exact lot of trims used
  • Exact roll of fabric used
  • People involved in the manufacturing and quality control of every garment at different stages

Apart from increasing accountability of every person involved in production, UTS helps us in identification and analysis of the the root cause of any problem, which in turn serves as the foundation for continuous process and quality improvements.


JPM Exports has its operational presence in three Asian countries (India, Bangladesh and China), thus ensuring procurement of workwear at optimum prices for all customers without compromising on quality at any stage.


We have a highly trained and knowledgeable purchase team involved in detailed analysis of several prospective suppliers of raw materials in several parts of Asia.

We have an in-house detailed quality checking system for all important parameters of raw materials. It includes the following:

  • Fabric: For each lot of fabric, we test shrinkage, skewness and color-fastness with state-of-the-art IFB Industrial Washing Machine and IFB Industrial Tumble Dryer. For every roll, we test the GSM, center selvedge, hand feel and colour family.
  • Trims: We follow AQL 2.5 for testing of all trims to ensure highest quality

We have our own EN certification for fabric as well as garments for the following: